What is an infographic?

Infographics are simplified visual representations of information, data or knowledge which are used to present information quickly and clearly. An infographic is a collection of images, charts, diagrams and minimal text that provide an easy-to-understand overview of a topic or complex data.

Why you should use infographics?
Infographics can be fun, engaging and an easy way to share information or data with customers, clients or your target market. They can be useful tools to educate and inform whilst also helping increase your visibility and boost your brand awareness.

Useful things to consider when creating an infographic:

• Who are your target audience? What do they currently know or understand about the subject matter?

• What is the core message? The best advice is to keep things simple. Use numbers, headings, colours, icons, pictures and charts to clearly present your work. Break the content down into easy to digest pieces.

• Where will the infographic be seen? Keep in mind the size, colours and layout of your design. Will the infographic be used in print or online? Should the infographic including your logo and contact information?

• How will you create your infographic design? There are lots of tools and apps that will help you create an infographic quickly and simply, but keep in mind your skill set. How will the design reflect on your brand image? A well designed infographic should compliment and work well with your brand identity and core messaging. Bespoke illustrations, graphics and icons may be required to help illustrate key facts and information.

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